Angel Blessings

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Workshops 2019

The workshops are held either at the Boars Bridge Therapy Centre, which is located within the tranquil Hampshire countryside, at Little London, Bramley, near Basingstoke, or in the village of Oakley, near Basingstoke. Unless otherwise stated, all our workshops are on a Sunday, and run from 10am to 4pm with the monetary exchange of £45 per person for the day.  Our workshops for 2019 are as follows:

27th January - Meet the Ascended Masters

An in depth look at ascended masters, who they are, where they are, how we are able to contact them and how they can enhance our continuing spiritual growth. A day full of information and powerful healing.

3rd February - Dragons and Salamanders

A day discovering these wonderful beings, who are now coming more into our world as our vibration rises.  A chance also to work with them and make them part of your spiritual growth.

17th March - Crystal Grids

A follow on from our crystal workshops of last year, an opportunity to learn how, why and when to use crystal grids in your healing work.

7th April - Past Life Journeys

This is a fascinating and exciting workshop where we look at the idea of having lived before and how knowledge of past lives can help us understand some of the problems and phobias we may be facing today.  During this workshop you will have the opportunity to experience a past life of your own under the guidance of a fully qualified Past Life Therapist.

5th May - The Merkabah and Sacred Geometry

Have you ever wondered how numbers, shapes, and buildings fit into our spiritual work?  They actually play a large part, and in this workshop you will be able to discover how.  An interesting workshop where you will find lots of things just drop into place.

2nd June - Indigenous Tribes

Following on from last year's workshops on North American Indian tribes and the Medicine Wheel, we now take a look at other indigenous tribes past and present, what their beliefs are and how they fit in with our spiritual life today.

22nd June - Psychic Fair and Fairy Market

Our first Psychic Fair held at Boarsbridge, an event not to be missed! There will be stalls, readers and music.

7th July - Expanded Chakras

A workshop working on the 12 basic chakras which will take your spiritual experience to a new level.

11th August - Exploring Avalon

Following on from the successful workshop on Atlantis and Lemuria, this time we will be looking at Avalon, its past, and how and why it is so important today.

22nd September - Water Elementals

After last years workshop introducing elementals, this time we will focus on water elementals, how to connect with them to enable us to work with them on an everyday basis.

13th October - Egyptian Spirituality

A detailed look at Egyptian spirituality and a chance to connect with these powerful dieties.

10th November - Simple Spells for Busy Witches

For those who are initiated into a covern, this workshop will show you easy spells which are effective but take no time at all to do.